What the critics say about A Winter's Tale…

" Stunning fantasy by a rising YA novelist."
- Canadian Children's Book News

" A sequel to Sobat's first novel...A Winter's Tale can stand alone....[Sobat's] expansive vocabulary is refreshing and the book's intriguing ending is so innovative that it encourages readers to gather more clues from the novel - and read it again."
- Calgary Herald

" Using language rich in dialect and mystic words and phrases, Sobat weaves italicized segments and poetry into her prose delineating Ingamald's "arcane art" in mystical sequences. The skillfully detailed descriptions of Hinterlund's landscape and culture and the powerful imagery provide a strong foundation around which the plot revolves....Targeted at older readers, A Winter's Tale should engage fans of the genre and have them look forward to Sobat's final volume of Ingamald's journey."
- CM (Volume XI Number 6 . . . .November 12, 2004)

" It is very rare to see such beautiful and poetic prose in books for adolescents. Her choice of diction and use of accents adds a unique flavour to her novel, allowing the reader to truly feel as if they have been transported back to a distant world still filled with magic. Yet, A Winter's Tale is very much a modern story, reflecting the struggles each of us might have over the meaning of right and wrong."
- Children's Book News