Ingamald is the story of a girl who eats her own mother.

It is also the story of a lonely orphan, a misunderstood girl-woman, a shunned and feared adept at magic. Moreover, it is a tale of friendship–its life-saving and healing powers.

Barely sixteen and banished from her village, Ingamald sets forth to confront her estranged mother, Spinne. This cruel sorceress aims to destroy any adversaries who seek to unravel the ill-fated threads in a tapestry of destruction she has woven. While on her quest, Ingamald receives her first kiss, attends her first party, and fancies a musician rover with a gold tooth.

Ingamald is the first in a series of books featuring the witchy heroine.

Ingamald was selected for inclusion in Our Choice!! (awarded by The Canadian Children's Book Centre)

Ingamald was also chosen as Best of the Best by the Edmonton Public School board

Map of Hinterlund

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