Beginning where A Winter's Tale ends, with Morton Winter’s sinister plot to control Hinterlünd suspended in ice, the witch Ingamald and her young charge, Yda, step through the mirror device into the green world of Gyldden in search of a solution to the problem besetting their own land. But as the proverb warns, all that glitters is not gold, for Gyldden is similarly beset with a serious puzzle: there are no children. All youngsters have mysteriously disappeared. Ingamald is compelled to find out why and how. Yet no one seemingly can help her, not the carnies who first give shelter, not the librarian, not the ancient trees, not the Rowan peoples, not the pirates paid to aid Ingamald in her search. What she learns about the reasons behind the disappearances curdles her witch blood.

Third in this YA series, A Glass Darkly explores collective responsibility and collective solutions for the ills of the world, whether fantastic or real. Once again, a colourful cast of characters join the intrepid Ingamald to reach beyond magic to confront difficult and dangerous problems. Aimed at Jr/Sr high and gifted readers.